One of the most enjoyable parts of our roles as recruitment consultants is getting out there and meeting people. Making new connections. Seeing how businesses operate in the real world.  Absorbing the culture and atmosphere of a client’s business. Being able to bring things to life for candidates that we are introducing to potentially for the next few years of their corporate career. Meeting candidates in person. Finding out what it does and doesn’t say on their CV so that we can add value to our clients. Giving career advice. Assessing team fit not simply skills fit. Not simply hiding behind email and phone calls.

Undeniably, over the last few years commuting to meetings and places of work has been progressively getting worse I am sure that you will agree. Travelling into Manchester city centre has become an almost impossible mission at present with Salford, Trafford and Manchester City Councils granting permission to dig up all of the arterial routes into Manchester simultaneously. The endless roadworks on the M62 and M60, gridlock on M61, standstill on Princess Park Way, the A6 etc. Public transport is either infrequent or not time effective. Cycle lanes are barely existent. If you have to drop off at nursery or breakfast club at school is getting public transport even an option to get you to work on time? Even if you live close to a decent commuter train service the annual increases in fares is pushing commuter costs to the edge for some people. Driving bumper to bumper is simply not fun or healthy for anyone.

The cost of commuting by car goes well beyond the physical cost of buying a car, fuel, insurance and parking or paying for a train ticket.

·        The opportunity cost of lost time
·        Feeling stressed and like you have already done a couple of hours work before you arrive in the office
·        Physical fitness – posture, back problems, lack of time to go to the gym/football/netball etc.
·        Working longer hours to be able to miss commuter traffic

Yes, a certain degree of commuting can be good for some people and allow you thinking time before you arrive into the office. It can give you chance to wind down and digest the working day before you walk into your home. Maybe a chance to catch up on the latest podcasts. You may have even chosen to learn another language, listen to an audiobook or utilise this time for something positive.

Even if you love the job that you are in, if someone could take away those stresses and present an opportunity closer to home wouldn’t you be open to a conversation? Many of the people that we place into new roles weren’t actively looking for a new position. However, by having a ‘passive search’ conversation with us and being open to a local career opportunities we are able to make those connections that can make a real difference. The real cost of commuting can not always be compensated for by salary.

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