Who we are

The idea for Resourcery was born in early 2016 as the shared vision of owners Josh Stirrett and Allison Hodgkinson. Our aim was simple:  the provision of bespoke consultative advice and recruitment solutions.

The business possesses many long-standing relationships built over decades of business development and servicing clients' needs.  We have advised our networks through several different economic cycles and, as such, are well placed to offer objective advice to all our connections across the region.  

Over the last decade, we have witnessed, first hand,  an erosion of customer service and responsiveness, diminishing “consultancy” and the proliferation of the market with commodity suppliers and not trusted advisers, driven largely by corporate recruiters looking to minimise operational risk, 'dumbing' down the role of the recruiter.   As such, we have witnessed a genuine failure to innovate and respond to the markets' needs in a post-Brexit environment.

A different approach

Resourcery are innovators; disruptors in the field of the candidate experience and talent management.  We offer in-depth career advisory services and true consultative advice.  This approach helps build career-defining relationships with senior stakeholders across the region. We do not differentiate between candidates and clients; everyone is a contact, a connection and part of our network or trusted relationships.

Through our exceptional career management and consultancy focus, we widen our own professional networks and this forms the basis of the value creation from the client perspective. We can source senior finance experts that other recruiters can’t through our extensive network of loyal partners.​  We build long-term relationships and win trust. This is not a short-term sales strategy but a long-term ethos and modus operandi. We don't just talk a good game. We play one too.

Resourcery offers value creation through a differentiated product and competitive cost model. We aim, through our extensive networks to connect people and exposing both the hidden job market and the region's leading talent. These Networks cannot be bought; they must be earned over decades of experience.