Fixed Term Contract, Temporary & Interim


People are traditionally hired in to Fixed Term Contract roles where there is a defined requirement for a specific length of time.

The benefits of recruiting people this way can have the added effect of the candidate feeling 'more secure' in their employment and can be offered the same benefits as a permanent employee. Candidates are more likely to commit to the duration of the contract and therefore minimising the chance of someone moving on for another temporary role. Where clients need to heavily invest their time and money to complete important knowledge transfer and train on new systems to onboard a new starter, minimising the risk of losing someone is a priority. Not everyone wants to be completing timesheets and receiving invoices weekly or running their own limited company as you would do as a temp.


At Resourcery Group Temporary & Interim recruitment is an integral part of our service offering.


There may be many reasons why you are seeking a Temporary assignment and we are here to help and guide you along the way.

Some candidates are 'Career Temps' and as such look to offer their services for the full duration of the contract, establish what objectives are required of them, then deliver and move on. Other candidates are looking to try new markets or develop their skill sets whilst others are looking for a Temporary to Permanent role so that they can 'try before they buy'. Some people prefer the flexibility of temporary work so that they don't work 12 months of the year. Whatever your circumstances we are able to introduce you to clients based on your needs ensuring that we are presenting you to the right assignments.

Typical circumstances that Temporary staff are brought in to cover are:

  • Maternity or adoption leave, long term sick leave etc.
  • Specialist projects e.g. systems/ERP implementation or backfilling whilst an internal employee is seconded for the project
  • Implementing new regulatory reporting changes
  • Relocating or closing down site functions
  • Integrating recently acquired companies in to the business or simply covering a role whilst the client hires on a permanent basis
  • M&A transactions, due diligence requests for information, financial modelling etc.
  • Temporary cover whilst there is a Permanent headcount freeze
  • Audit action points to be addressed

Interim Consultants:

​​Interim consultancy is a profession in its own right and not simply a stop gap provision. These professionals have skill sets which have been developed over a good number of years and are able to quickly grasp the needs of your business and bring the benefit of their experience to the table.

Typical circumstances that they are brought into a business include:

  • ​Identify and deliver on high level Change & Transformation programmes such as cost transformation, restructuring, integration or disposal activities etc.
  • Develop corporate strategy to support the Board's agenda
  • Executive level Interim CFO/Finance Director holding the fort whilst a permanent solution is being sought
  • Business turnaround
  • MBO
  • Private Equity or Venture Capitalist purchase process, deliver growth strategy or exit process (M&A)

​Clients: ​If you have a situation that you would like to discuss with us on a confidential basis that you think may require Temporary cover or an Interim Consultant then please call Allison Hodgkinson 0151 345 9394 or 075057 769 508.

Candidates: Not all temporary and interim roles are advertised due to the confidential nature of the hire or the speed of process turnaround. Please get in touch to register your interest and become part of our bench ready for their next assignment.