Recruitment processes fail for two reasons: a lack of communication and a lack of communication.  Whether it is a candidate receiving a counter-offer or a client changing the requirements of the role.  From misrepresentation of salary expectations to overstatement of pay rates, most of life's recruitment challenges can be overcome through open, honest communication.  How can something so obvious and straight forward be so easy to overlook and get wrong? 

Inexperience and a little arrogance. Two things the recruitment industry has unfortunately become too well known for.  We at Resourcery Group aim to change this.

We have a combined 3 decades of recruitment experience across the qualified and executive finance recruitment markets, specialising in permanent, temporary and interim management recruitment. We work across the Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and North Wales markets and have done so for many years.  Inexperience is not an issue. Neither is arrogance.  We are not trying to be all things to all people.  We are specialists in our markets and good at what we do.  As such, we will say what we can and can't deliver and pass over assignments we believe are better served by other recruiters.  Our modus operandi is to listen, consult and create value, not promise everything and deliver nothing.

A drawn out recruitment process regularly results in candidate fatigue and increases the risk of the process aborting.  Traditional recruitment methodology is linear and prone to error between first and second interview stage and during offer management. A lack of understanding of the role and poor questioning at the job briefing due to a non-consultative approach causes recruitment processes to stall and sometimes completely break down.  Our depth of experience and open communication approach ensures this will not happen to you.  Why don't you find out for yourself first hand.  Give us a call on 0151 345 9040 or contact us using the form below:

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