Q&A: Introducing Stuart Duffey

Q&A: Introducing Stuart Duffey

almost 2 years ago by Josh Stirrett

Stuart Duffey Resourcery Group

Q: Stuart, welcome back to the Finance & Accountancy world in the North West. What and where have you been over the last 10 years?

A: Thanks, wow 10 years away from Accountancy & Finance recruitment yeah, but not 10 years away from recruitment! So, I’ve been to work for some of the biggest recruitment agencies in the world in a few different guises and across a lot of industry sectors. It has been great.  It has really given me a great understanding of how other areas of an organisation work and how important the recruitment of the right people at all levels within a business is a key foundation stone in helping businesses grow.


Finance, and dealing with senior Accountancy & Finance professionals, has formed the back bone of my career allowing me to develop a consultative approach to dealing with clients.  I know how to talk to Finance Director’s and Finance Controllers as I’ve been doing it since my early 20’s, understanding what is important to them, and therefore how organisations operate.  I have had great success building relationships across businesses by supporting talent acquisition within the Finance & Accountancy department.  


The last five years have been spent working for an Employability & Skills provider leading, coaching and mentoring teams and recruiters in that arena to deliver outstanding outcomes for the candidates we represented.


Q: What are the synergies between your time in Employability and coming back into Finance recruitment?

A: Consultancy…...true consultancy. 


Consultancy from both a Client/Employer point of view and a Candidate perspective.  Being able to talk to Employers about all aspects of their Human Services Planning from Learning and Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Recruitment, Talent Attraction & Acquisition, Human Resources, the list is endless.  Getting under the skin of these businesses and developing relationships based on trust to ultimately understand the impact of People Strategy on wider Business Strategy and Target Operating Models.   I’ve been working with Heads of Talent, HR, Managing Directors, Chief Exec’s, the entire C-suite, on designing quality recruitment process’s that lead to success and service for everyone.


That’s why I am excited to join Resourcery Group…. talking to the founders before coming on board it was evident that true consultancy was the most important “USP” if you will of the company; acting as an extension of the employer/client brand they represent.  They understood the negative impact a poor recruitment process can have on a client brand.  Resourcery Group’s aim is to achieve ‘Trusted Adviser’ status, they are not a simple vendor or solutions provider.  It means more than that to Allison and Josh.  It is about people and adding value where others can’t.  I really bought into that.


The same goes for the candidates we work with - understanding their needs, motivations, future career plans, advising them on the best course of action and other factors that are important to them, culture, flexibility, work life balance, IT etc.


Q: What’s your impression of the Finance & Accountancy recruitment market at present?

A: As I said above, I’ve not been away from the employment market at all, so I know it’s tough out there. We are facing a huge skills shortage across all sectors, in particular, in the traditional professions such as Accountancy & Finance. It is a highly, highly candidate- led market.  I think getting organisations to work closely with us as partners allows us to understand the true drivers of the businesses we are work with and whose brands we are custodians of in the talent market.   In a candidate-led market, candidates can feel they hold all the cards but there is always a reluctance to take the step – there needs to be a strong enough ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factor to make someone wish to move.   I want to really understand my candidates and advise them on choosing and staying on the right career path, not simply placing them in another job.  As a consultant, it is not about short-term revenue gains, it is about long-term relationships founded on trust and objective advice.


Q: Why did you choose Resourcery group?

A: Josh and Allison are the two best recruiters I have worked with in the past 15 years and I’ve been fortunate to work with some fantastic recruitment professionals in that time.  


So that was a big attraction for me. To work with market leaders who share the same consultative, trust-based approach I advocate. Also, as an independent, we can really offer a truly bespoke service to clients and candidates alike.  We don’t need to make calls for calls sake, we don’t need to work every job.  We are not hitting KPIs to keep faceless ‘directors’ happy.  We can be selective and in doing so offer the very best service to the organisations and people we work with.   


Given the length of time Allison and Josh have been in the industry they possess a huge knowledge bank that spans decades which they have developed into a Network Recruitment model – the premise is based on proactivity, everyone is a connection and our job is to make introductions.  We can leverage these relationships to both client and candidate advantage. We are not a simple ‘database’ contingent recruiter.  With me joining the business the organisation will have almost 50 years’ combined experience in North West Finance recruitment.


The future is also exciting; Allison, Josh and I have some interesting plans on how we see the Group evolving, growing and diversifying and that evolution for me starts now!


Q: Is there anything else you want to add?

A: I think it’s just a shout out to my historic network in the North West to get back in touch, some of the people I placed in Management Accountant, Financial Accountant and Finance controller roles will now be Finance Directors and perhaps looking for their next move so please reach out on LinkedIn or drop me a call on the contact details below.


I am really looking forward to talking to Finance professionals (CIMA,ACA,ACCA) about their career and about their futures, as well as organisations about why they are great places to work and how and why they can attract the very best Accountancy & Finance professionals to their business.


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